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I Buy and Sell German Helmets ! ! !
If you have a WWI or WW2 WWII German, Japanese or US American helmet to sell, EMAIL a description and/or photos to me.



November 26, 2022

German Helmet Depot

We offer military collectibles of various nationalities, including the American US G.I. WWII helmet. Our specialty is antique German helmets from WWI - World War I - and WWII - World War II - including original vintage German Luftwaffe, Heer, elite SS and Combat Police helmets. I try to have a nice variety of German helmets (also known as helmet casque,stahlhelm or elmetto) for sale as a German helmet dealer. Models include the M16, M18, M35, M40 and M42 German Helmet. We also offer a few book selections, primarily WWII books. 
And there is a “Parts and Liners” page, featuring original helmet parts, chinstraps, original WWII German helmet liners, chin straps and original liner split pins for sale for WWI and WWII German helmets.
We now offer a large selection of collector, WWII history and military related used books for sale. Many are in like new condition. Check out th “Books For Sale” page for our latest listing of used books for sale.
We also carry a good selection of repro refurbished reproduction German helmets, and repro reproduction elite SS helmets, helmet liners and liner split pins and rivets. Our recreated restored helmets are great if you are a reenactor and are into the reenactment scene.
Like I said . . Mostly Helmets-Mostly German Helmets

I buy and sell German helmets. So if you want to buy or sell an original WWI or WWII German helmet, or buy or sell a WWI or WWII German helmet, or buy or sell a repro reproduction German or German Heer Luftwaffe KM Kreigsmarine, FJ paratrooper fallschirmjager or Waffen SS helmet, you have come to the right place. Buying and selling German Helmets, it’s what we do best.

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Thanks - and happy collecting !!