Advice For Beginners . . .

Welcome to the wonderful world of collecting German helmets. We feel beginners should be aware of what is ahead.
Nice job! Now you have gone and done it! You are in big trouble now. You will never be able to save up to buy a car, get your own apartment or get married. You will be forever broke. All your money will be going to those evil German helmets. When you get a job, you will think of money in terms of helmets ( wow, I just got paid three helmets this week!). It never ends! But it sure is fun !!!
After your first innocent purchase, you will buy twenty more and fill up granny’s plate shelves. Soon you will run out of room and will need a dedicated helmet room. When you move into expensive originals, you will get an intervention by a close family member. Promise that you will stop!! Then sneak helmet deliveries to your buddy’s house and hide the credit card statements. When the helmets arrive, you can hide them in the garage, attic and any other crevice in the house you can find. After that, I don’t know . . . ask me in a year !!!

Seriously though, it’s a great hobby where you will have lots of fun and meet a lot of nice people. HAPPY COLLECTING !!!
(a special “Thank You” to Paul G and HJP for contributing)