USS Batfish

 I recently toured the submarine USS Batfish at the War Memorial Park in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The USS Batfish (SS310) set the record for U.S. submarines sinking enemy submarines during World War II. She also had the unique experience of being the first U.S. Submarine to hold divine service while submerged in a War Zone. This aggressive submarine compiled her record during the years 1944-1945 when Japanese shipping was hard to find. The Batfish ended the war with a record of 14 vessels sunk and three damaged, for a total of 37,080 tons of enemy shipping sunk.
 The park has many other displays, and a memorial garden for the 53 United States WWII submarines on “eternal patrol”. Enjoy the pictures. You can click any photo for a larger image.

USS Batfish

Diving Station

Radio Room

Mess Hall

More Controls

Honest John Missle

Forward Tubes

In the Tower

The Galley

Crowded Bunks

The Sticks

Mk18 Torpedo

Forward Torpedoes

Cramped Quarters

Chow Time

The Lavatory

Aft Torpedoes

USS Shark Memorial

God of the deeps’ eternal flow
Wherein thy sons to battle go
And fearful paths of ocean brave
Our shores to guard, our ships to save
In Thy vast mercy may they be
Who vigil keep beneath the sea.