Restored M42 (7/14)
Helmet arrived yesterday. I am very pleased, thanks again ! D.B.

Repro M31 Liner and Chinstrap (5/15)
Received the liner & strap yesterday. Installed them both. Many thanks, D.B.

Original 1943 Dated Pins (4/14)
Received the pins Great Item. D.R.

M35 and 1944 Liner (3/14)
I just received the M35 Helmet and the 1944 dated helmet liner Very-Very Pleased! I will keep watching your web site. THANKS D.R.

Original German Chin Strap (3/14)
Just letting you know that the chinstrap arrived safely and I am very pleased. Many thanks. A.H.

Original early Chinstrap (2/14)
I received the chinstrap in the mail box today and was very, very happy with it. It goes well with my M35 DD that has seen alot of combat use, so this strap looks like it has been with this helmet the whole time, perfect !!!!!!   Thank-you so much for finishing off this helmet for me....D.C.

M35 DD Waffen SS (1/14)
I got the helmet and love it! I plan on obtaining more items in the near future.  D.C.

M42 SD Heer (1/14)
Thank you for the helmet. It is beautiful! C.L.

M40 Luft (11/13)
I just wanted to say I have the helmet in hand and I'm hooked! It was actually the first time I had held a German helmet, it will hold a special place in my future collection as my first helmet. It looks great. J.D.

M35 ET66 KM (11/13)
Just a note to let you know the M35 Kriegsmarine arrived safe and sound. I've been after one of these for a long time. Delighted! R.M.

M16 DD SS Blackie (10/13)
The helmet arrived through the week. Thanks Rich, I'll be in contact once Ive sold a couple things and have cash for another helmet. T.C.

M42 SD Waffen SS (9/13)
Received the helmet today, and I just wanted to say thanks, I'm 55 and figured I might try to attend some reinacting events, It's going to be hard to upgrade this one. It's not going to set on the shelf with my other helmets. Anyway, Thanks for a great helmet. V.A.

Original 1944 Liner (9/13)
I have recievd the liner. Everything is perfect. Thank you,
Bests regards, M.G.

M42 SD Luft (9/13)
Got the helmet today.. men n my son love it! thank you! D.B.

M16 WWI Helmet (8/13)
I received the helmet today..another good 1..thanks again. M.S.

M35 DD SS repro (7/13)
Just picked the helmet from the customs and its really nice :) Thank You very much. M.W.

Luftschutz Gladiator (6/13)
My son is collecting helmets, I will be back to buy more. E.C.

M40 SD SS Recreation (6/13)
Items received, very nice. Thanks R.F.

M35 SD reissue (6/13)
The M35 arrived earlier in the week, it is brilliant, a real combat vet! Thanks again for the great service, it is greatly appreciated. C.G.

M31 Liner - Orig (5/13)
The liner arrived today in perfect order. I'm no bona fide expert, but it looks absolutely correct to me. Using it to restore an M35 Heer with original factory slate finish, but no liner. Will keep checking your excellent site. R.G.

M16 DD Heer BGB66 (5/13)
I just wanted to let you know that the helmet arrived earlier in the week and I am really happy with it. Thanks for your cracking service - will keep checking your website for new additions! C.G.

M31 Liner - Repro (3/13)
Thank you for sending the helmet liner so quickly. Look forward to doing more purchases in the future. F.M.

M38 FJ Para Repro (4/13)

M31 Liner Band (3/13)
Received the liner band..looks good...thanks again. M.S.

M40 SD KM (3/13)
Hi Rich, Just a world to let you know that the helmet arrived safely and that I like it verry much. S.P.

M18 ET66 and M16 GBN64 (2/13)
I received the helmets today. These shells are in excellent condition and I plan on full historically accurate restorations of both. Thanks for the excellent service and I hope to do business with you in the future. D.E.

M42 ND Heer CKL 66 (2/13)
I received my helmet today (Monday, 2/25/13) and I am shocked how quickly I received it!!  I love the helmet, it will be a cherished part of my collection. R.P.

M31 Original Liner 66/58 dated 1939 (2/13)
I received the package, it's perfect, thank you. I wish you a good day. E.S.

US M1 Fixed Bail  (2/13)
Hi Rich, I received my helmet today, everything looks great, I am very pleased!!  Thank you once again. A.H.

M31 Original Helmet Liner (2/13)
Rich I received the liner..All is good Thanks.. J.A.

M16 DD SS W66  (1/13)
the german helmet is here !! thanks Rich ....it's perfect ! V.C.

M31 Original Liner 64/57 dated 1938 (1/13)
I received the package you sent, the liner and everything looks great! Thank you for everything. R.G.

M18 Original Shell (1/13)

M31 Original Liner - Inner & Outer Bands  (1/13)
Hi Rich, The liner arrived!Thanks Again, W.J.

M40 ND Heer Q64 (12/12)
hi Rich. helmet arrived hour ago it is very nice peace for my collection once again thank you and nice doing business with you......... R.A.

M16 Camo GBN64 (12/12)
Helmet is now in my collection and all is good. Thanks a lot for this helmet! If you ever have for sale good and untouch German helmets of WWI, please let me know.
best wishes

M42 Luft ET60 & M34 DD (12/12)
I received the helmets today..they look good..thanks again. M.S.

M16 SD Heer (11/12)
the m16 arrived tody, good stuff and quick shipping! thanks! by the next oppurtunity i will buy more stuff from you (the M42 luftwaffe) is unfortunatly on hold….but there will be another chance to buy! :-)
thanks again and kind regards from europe! A.T.

M16 BF64 (11/12)
I received my helmet today, everything looks great, I am VERY pleased, thank you very much. A.H.

M35 Shells (11/12)
Just wanted to let you know that I received the 2x M35 helmets today Friday 16 November 2012.  I am very please with both of them.  I like the original condition, to me it holds that historic value.  Thank you for your assistance.  I may do business again with you.
Regards R.H..

M31 Liner 64/56 Dated 1940 (10/12)
The liner has arrived, thank you very much I'm very happy with it. M.A.

M35 Camo SE66 (10/12)
I got the helmet, I am very happy with this, I have been looking for a real white camo for years. M.R.

M31 Liner Band 64/57 Dated 1943 (10/12)
I received the liner band yesterday, looks good ..thanks again. M.S.

M42 SD SS (9/12)
I got the helmet the beginning of last week and it arrived in fine shape.  I just love the helmet and it looks very nice in my little display of WWII items.  B.R.

M42 Luft Camo ET66 (9/12)
I got my helmets today . Thank you very much K.C.

Two M31 Liners (8/12)
I got the liners and they look fine. I had forgotten that I had purchased a dd m35 Heer from you years ago when I saw your card. Good to do business again. J.D.

M42 Whitewash (8/12)
I received the helmet, it’s a beauty, Many thanks, B.H.

WWII Japanese Helmet (7/12)
I`ve just received the package: simply fantastic!!!!!!!
Many, many kts.
You, really, made my day.
Jesus bless you. I.B.

M42 ND Heer (6/12)
Hi Rich, I received the M42 Stalheim today.  I’m very pleased……as always it’s a pleasure doing business with you.  Stay well and be safe.  Best regards, B.P.

M35 ex-DD Heer (6/12)
The M35 EX DD  NS68 helmet arrived today. I am very well pleased with this helmet! It is super clean and has a fabulous decal, liner, and strap! This is my 4th helmet purchase from you and I am totally satisfied with all of them. You have the best and fair priced helmets out there! K.L.

Pony Fur Back Pack (5/12)
Received the pack. Looks great, thank you much. E.M.

M40 SD Heer (5/12)
I just want you to know that I received the M40 SD Heer helmet today and I am well pleased. The helmet looks much better “in person” than in the photos! The liner and chinstrap look outstanding as well as the paint and decal. You definitely have the most “fair” priced helmets out there.K.L.

M42 SD Heer (4/12)
Helmet arrived today.The decal is 99%+! I am well pleased- it is a great helmet for the price!!!  You’re the BEST!!! K.L.

M35 DD Luft Droop Tail (4/12)
Thanks Rich! Awesome website! Very happy with my Luft "Early Bird" helmet. K.L.

M40 SD Heer (3/12)
HI Richard I have received my helmet and love it!!!! Thank you very much. Regards S.P.

M42 ND Heer (2/12)
I received the m42 today....that is a great looking helmet....I have no complaints...thanks again and I'll be watching for more on your site......Mark

M16 DD SS and M42 SD SS (1/12)
Rich, I received the helmets on Friday. Very Nice thank you. R.S.

M42 SD SS Camo (1/12)
I received the helmet I ordered from you today.  Thank you very much, I really like the helmet.  We will do some more business.  Best regards, B.P.

M40 Luftwaffe Camo (1/12)
I just got the helmet,it looks better than the pictures!
Thanks for everything. R.L.

M16 DD SS (9/11)
Just wanted you to know helmet looks good.  Nice doing business with you. T.R.

M40 SD Snow Camo (8/11)
I received my Helmet the other day thankyou and i am very pleased with it. C.B.

M40 ET66 (5/11)
Received the helmet today. Thx very much. a good solid shell as described/depicted! I appreciate the tract you enclosed, I am also a Born Again Christian. By his mercy/blood we are saved! God Bless you and keep up the good work! K.H.

Original 1941 Liner Band (5/11)
The liner band arrived today. It is just what I needed. Many thanks. T.G.

M18 Ear Cut-Out (5/11)
Just thought I'd let you know the package arrived safely this morning. Thanks very much. P.W.

M40 DD SS ET66 (5/11)
I collected the helmet yesterday afternoon. Great, couldn’t have asked for better. P.L.

M35 DD Luft Droop Tail (5/11)
I received the helmet today, it is perfect F.B.

M42 SS Desert Camo (5/11)
Thanks, the helmet came today looks great Thank You D.B.

M40 SD Heer NS66 (4/11)
Hello Rich,
Just to let you know that the helmet arrived safely and that I am very happy with it.
Merci, S.P.

M40 Shell HKP66 (4/11)
I received the purchased item (#31H) yesterday evening
and was very pleased...on a few levels. Not only was your shipping
exceedingly quick and your packaging methods laudable, but the helmet
itself was even better than expected. You are very modest with your
descriptions. Suffice to say, I will recommend your site to anyone I
know that is in the market for similar items and I will also be a
frequent visitor. B.M.

M34 DD Civic Helmet (4/11)
The helmet arrived today and am very pleased to have it now in my collection. Thanks again and please keep me in mind if anything unusual in civilian helmets comes available. D.L.

M42 ND Heer HKP62 (4/11)
The M42 helmet arrived earlier today. Thanks, I am very happy with it. I will keep my eye on your website as I am always interested in reasonably priced helmets that are complete or near complete.Thanks and all the very best! D.B.

M35 DD Luft SE68 (3/11)
The helmet arrived safely today, a very very nice lid!!!! E.G.

M35 DD Heer ET66 (2/11)
The helmet arrived the other day and I am very pleased with it. It was nice doing business with you ! B.R.

M35 SD Heer and M42 SD Heer (2/11)
I received both helmets!!!!!!
Simply fantastic.
If you'll arrange new ones pls tell me. I.B.

M40 ND Heer Q66 (12/10)
Good morning Rich! Received the helmet today and I'm extremely pleased with it. Thank you so much for a pleasant transaction and "your cards". Hope you had a great New Years and I wish you a fantastic 2011! H.B.

M40 Heer and M42 Heer (12/10)
Hello Rich, just wanted to let you know that they arrived Christams Eve
and everything was great as usual. Thanks again and look forward to
doing more business in the future. C.Z.

M42 SD SS Normandy Camo (11/10)
Helmet received with thanks, great helmet!!, best wishes. P.B.

M16 TJ68 Camo (11/10)
I received the package today. I am very pleased with the helmet. thank you very much. thanks for the tract too. I am also in the ministry. M.C.

M42 DD Combat Police (7/10)
Hello Rich,
I got the helmet this monday,
They hold it a while at the custom office.
The piece is exellent.
A great pleasure to deal with you.
Thank you very much.

M35 SD Heer Q64 and M40 Heer Q68 (7/10)
Rich, got them today and I can't really say enough how pleased I am with them! Your descriptions were spot on (even a bit conservative imo) and they make great additions to my collection and even better the Q68 actually fits! So thanks again and I look forward to future purchases.
Best, C.Z.

Germany’s Combat Helmets book (6/10)
I just want to let you know that Ken Niewiarowicz's "Germany's Combat Helmets 1933-1945 A Modern Study" arrived today, 15 June. Thank you for your superb service. P.R.

M40 ND Heer SE64 (6/10)
Received it today! Perfect!! Thank you for good service. J.N.

M42 SD Luft CKL60 (4/10)
Got the helmet today Rich. A real beauty! Thanks again, D.N.

M40 SD SS Repro Paint and Decal (3/10)
The helmet arrived today. WOW. Great, fantastic. I'm very happy with it.
I'll contact you soonest to choose other helmet.
God bless you.
Yr friend. I.B.

M42 SD Heer Repro Paint and Wire (3/10)
I just got the helmet and it looks amazing! thank you so much! pleasure doing business with you. M.P.

M35 ET64 Shell (3/10)
I received the shell yesterday, fast shipping to Spain, just 2 days!!!, very
nice item!. Regards E.R.

Germany’s Combat Helmets Book (01/10)
Got the book. Don't know how I ever lived without it! Thanks Rich! D.G.

M35 DD Heer (12/09)
Helmet recived yeasterday,very nice-thank you and happy new year for you and your family. A.B.

Helmet, Book and Liner (12/09)
Hi Rich, package received ten minutes ago, thanks. I am happy with everything. The book seems great and I like its format… easy to read in bed… F.L.

Germany’s Combat Helmets Book (12/09)
The book has arrived today in perfect condition. I have to say it is the best book I have ever seen on the subject, fully detailed and with all information you would expect to find in order to understand more about the German helmet. You can pass the message on to Ken if you speak to him. F.U.

M40 SD Heer Q62 (12/09)
Hallo rich,
the helmet is arrived today at my house,
I like more it,
I think to take from you other helmet in the next future. E.S.

M35 DD Heer EF66  (11/09)
Arrived today, a beauty. Shame about the liner. Now I have a problem...I am out of shelf space where do I put it, haha. Thanks Rich D.B.

M40 Q62 SD Overpaint (11/09)
Received today the helmet. It's a real untouched beauty and I'm very confined with it. Many thanks! (Also for the personel note..) Keep on doing good business, Regards from the Netherlands, E.R.

2 - US M1 Helmets (11/09)
I have received the helmets. Thank you for these nice pieces. These are my first American helmets and they well fit to my remaining collection. O.B.

M35 DD Luft NS68 (11/09)
The helmet arrived yesterday safe and sound , many thanks.

M42 SD Heer, M35 SD Heer & M35 DD Heer (11/09)
Helmets received 20 minutes ago. They are perfect, thanks. F.L.

M40 SD Heer SE64 (11/09)
I got the helmet today and it,s very nice!
Thanks very much ! A.K.

M40 SD Luftwaffe SE64 (11/09)
Received the M40 "Lufty" today. An awesome example. I respect your integrity, quick service and responsiveness. We will do business again my friend.  Cordially,  B.W.

M40 Normandy Camo NS68 (11/09)
The NORMANDY helmet is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE!! A.C.

M42 SD Heer ET66 (11/09)
I just received the helmet. I am thrilled. Thank you for all of your help. I will be back in touch in a few weeks to look for the M40 Luftwaffe. B.W.

US M1 Fixed Bale (10/09)
Hi Rich,
I received the M1 today. Textbook example and very nice. My German Helmets were lonely and needed an American companion. I appreciate it!  D.S.

US MI Fixed Bale (10/09)
Well that was FAST!!! Got the helmet, super nice and the delivery time. Thanks Rich. T.A.

M35 DD Combat Police (9//09)
Thanks so much Rich just got the helmet, man it looks 10 times better in person than they do on the site! I even found where the soldier signed it a third time on the skirt. A.C.

M40 Norm Camo w/Wire Repro (9/09)
The helmet arrived today and I love it. Whoever aged it did a superb job.   R.T.

M35 DD Luft Droop Tail repro (9/09)
Hey Rich, the helmet got here fine today. It's a nice piece, glad to have
it, thanks for your help. I'll be in touch again sometime. F.T.

M42 ND Heer HKP66 (9/09)
Hi Rich,
the helmet is arrived yesterday, so good!
to the next  M.C.

M40 SD Heer NS64 (9/09)
I received the helmet today. It is a nice helmet and I like it! If you ever come across a long side of a chinstrap give me an email. I also will be watching for one J.V.

M40 SD Heer SE66 (9/09)
The helmet look’s great that I bought from you. D.R.

M35 DD SS Camo Repro (8/09)
Received the helmet today and it is beautiful!! M.M.

M42 SD Heer NS66 and ND CKL66 (8/09)
Just to let you know I have received the 2 Heer Helmets today. Like all the time I am happy with them. G.B.

M42 SD Luftwaffe NS62 (8/09)
I received the Luft helmet today . . I love it. Thanks Rich will do business again ! ! ! Regards, J.A.

Unissued German Helmet Chinstrap (7/09)
Morning Rich, Got the chinstrap and it is now in place. My favorite helmet just got better. Will send a pic, when I can. Tks, W.S.

M42 SD Heer NS68 (7/09)
Helmet received. Thank you. Nice Helmet. G.B

M42 SD Luftwaffe ET68 (6/09)
hello rich I just got home from again another little deployment and love the helmet it was worth the wait. B.J.

M40 SD Heer NS64 (6/09)
I picked up the helmet today, looks great, a real classic, thanks again. R.H.

M42 SD Snow Camo Repro (6/09)
The Snow Camo Helmet arrived yesterday morning. It's now on my office shelf with my two SD Luftwaffe, US Nam and Canadian WWII helmets. I'll keep an eye on your site for future items of possible interest. Thanks for your patience (waiting for the payment) and usual good service on this one. P.W.

M16 DD Police Helmet (5/09)
I appreciate you letting me put the helmet in lay-away and I hope to do more business with you in the future. When people ask about you and your site, they will only get good words from me. Highly professional, with quality goods. That are exactly as described. You follow the same business ethics that I do, and that is rare today. So many of the dealers today fly by the seat of their pants and are not reliable.Thank You, J.N.

M35 SD Heer Re-Issue ET66 (5/09)
Just to let you know my helmet just came in. It's great I like it alot!!! G.J.

M40 DDCombat Police (4/09)
Just to confirm that I have received the Police DD Helmet. Like all the time , when I open the package I know that I will be happy . Thank you .G.B.

M40 SD Heer (4/09)
The helmet is here, safe and well. Thanks for this nice transaction. I hope we'll do some other business soon ! L.D.

M35 DD Combat Police (11-08)
Just wanted to let you I received the helmet Yesterday. Well pleased with it.
Thanks M.M.

M42 SD Luftwaffe (11-08)
I've just received the helmet,he's superb, a nice piece for my collection, thanks ;) D.H.

M17 Austrian Helmet (11-08)
The M17 arrived, safe-and-sound. Nice piece -- Many thanks! F.H.

M18 SD Ear Cut-Out (11-07)
The helmet arrived and is great thanks again. H.C.

M35 Original DD SS & Repro Para (10-08)
I received the helmets in & they are both in excellent condition. P.C.

M42 SD Luftwaffe (10-08)
I just wanted to let you know that i already recieved my helmet. i just want to thank you, i really appreciate it. its been a pleasure doing business with you. you'll here again from me.:) good day. M.J.

M35 DD Luftwaffe (10-08)
The M35 was sitting on my desk when I came home from work this evening............... Just what I was looking for ! J.M.

M40 SD Luftwaffe (10-08)
hello the helmet arrived today. its terrific thank you very much .!!! i will definitely buy from you again !!!! T.H.

M42 SD Navy KM (9-08)
Hi Rich I got the KM today it is on my site. Thanks I love it - again your helmets are great R.G.

US WWII M1 with USMC Camo Cover (9-08)
The helmet arrived today. It is now being proudly displayed in my US section of my helmet collection. I love the helmet. It was everything I had expected. I am sure you will hearing from me soon. R.T.

M42 SD Heer Repro Camo (9-08)
I received the helmet today. It looks great!. J.D.

US WWII Swivel Bale Front Seam Helmet (9-08)
Just a note to let you know that the helmet arrived in great shape. Thanks. R.L.

M16 ND Rough Texture Overpaint (8-08)
HELLO RICH ,Just a note to let you know that the item has arrived safe 'n ' sound ,will make a nice addition to the collection,its been a pleasure doing business with you, will post pos feedback BEST REGARDS D.H.

M16 DD Luftwaffe (8-08)
The helmet arrived today. 1000% killer! Love it! Well worth the $$ and the wait. I p.m.’d Ron R to see if he had one of these in his massive collection, and he does not. He mentioned you, and I know you have one also… These are scarce puppies to say the least….Thanks again D.N.

M35 DD Heer  (8-08)
The helmet has arrived SURPRISINGLY FAST…and I’m very happy with it !!! I would like to thank you for a good deal – the helmet looks AWESOME together with my Combat Police and the SD SS (that I got from you).Thanks !!! J.H.

M42 SD Heer ET64 (8-08)
The M42 has arrived. Its really a nice one. Thanks !! C.B.

M42 Repro SS with Wire (8-08)
Rich, the helmet arrived today and it's all that I hoped for. Many thanks C.S.
M35 Luft Camo  (8-08)
Wanted to let you know that the Luft camo Helmet was received today. Well , I have to say that it's a beautiful helmet , full of history . I really like it.
Thank you G.B.

W.W.I US M1 Fixed Bale Medic (8-08)

M16 WWI SI66 Camo (8-08)
I received the M1916 yesterday. I love it, it is now being proudly displayed in my growing collection. The M1916 has become my favorite helmet model. R.T.

M16 WWI W66 Camo (8-08)
To confirm you that I have received the WW1 Camo Helmet today . Very nice , Thank you. G.B.

M40 SD Luftwaffe (7-08)
Hi Rich!The package has already arrived, the helmet is very good!!
I'm confident that there will be other opportunities for mutually beneficial business transactions,
Thanks for all! M.C.

M42 SD Luft (7-08)
Hi Rich helmet came to day thanks, you hve some nice helmets friend, happy collecting. M.H.

M38 FJ (Para) Reproduction (7-08)
The FJ is a great Helmet, I swear if you didn't know, that would completely fool someone  M.G.

M42 SD Heer (7-08)
Got it today, I'm sooooooo pleased with it, a real lovely helmet, took a half day off to get it home and pop it on display. S.F.

M40 SD Heer (7-08)
Hi, I have recieved today your helmet, it's a beautifull piece ! Thanks A.L.

M40 ND Heer (7-08)
I received the helmet. It is better than it looked in the photos. Thanks! B.W.

M18 SD Heer re-issue (6-08)
Hi, I have received today your helmet, it's a beautifull piece ! Thanks A.L.

M35 Droop Tail (6-08)
Got the helmet and looks great. Thanks again. R.S.

M42 SD Heer (6-08)
Got the helmet today and am very pleased with it, exactly as offered. You definitely have a repeat customer, thanks! D.H.

M35 DD Luft Droop Tail (6-08)
I got it!! thanks i love it! R.G.

M42 SD Kreigsmarine (5-08)
The helmet is very good, thanks a lot for your help. H.S.

M42 DD Police (5-08)
Rec'd the M-42 Police DD, OUTSTANDING! It is very hard to find decals in good condition due to the M-42's rough finish. This helmet exceeded my expectations, thanks! D.K.

M18 Heer ET64 (5-08)
Hi I have the Helmet. it's very good ! thank T.D.

M42 SD Heer with wire - repro (5-08)
I received the helmet today. I was impressed again. It was superbly aged. I am very pleased. Thank you for the speedy shipping. R.T.

M35 DD Police (5-08)

M40 SD Heer (4-08)
The helmet has arrived safely, very nice decal. M.P.

M38 FJ Camo Repro (4-08)
The helmet reached me last night.
It is very nicely made ! D.W.

U.S. M1 Helmet (4-08)
Recieved the M-1 this morning. Nice addition to my collection. Thanks again. P.F.

M35 DD Police (4-08)
Just showed and it's perfect My Friend! J.M.

M42 Snow & Wire Camo Repros (3-08)
I really looked them over carefully and I am amazed how authentic they look. They look like they just came off a battlefield. R.T.

M35 Heer Camo (3-08)
Helmet arrived safely today. A real stunner! Thanks Rich, and it is always a pleasure doing business with you. R.D

M18 DD Heer (3-08)
helmet arrived & will be fine as it is a missing link in german helmet lineage. C.K.

M40 SD SS (2-08)
I received the helmet today and I am very pleased. J.C.

M42 SD Heer (2-08)
The very nice SD M42 helmet finally made it here today and I am pleased with the purchase. It is a very nice lid. W.R.

M40 SD SS Repro (2-08)
A high quality example with excellent detail! Thanks. C.T.

M16 WWI Camo (1-08)
Just wanted to let you know I received the helmet (018D) safe and sound, and am really pleased, its a lovely helmet. C.I.

M42 Normandy Camo Repro (12-07)
I have several recreations and yours is by far the
best so much so I am selling the others. M.C.

M40 DAK Camo Repro (11-07) and
M35 DD Wire Repro (11-07
Helmet arrived,my friends are very happy,nice helmet my friend. C.D.

M40 Winter Camo Repro (11-07)
I just received the winter camo german helmet. It is beautiful and better than I expected !!!! J.R.

U.S. M1 Fixed Bale (11-07)
Nice helmet - very nicely shipped.
Looking forward to doing business with you again. J.S.

M42 DD Police (11-07)
“I received the police helmet today. I’m very pleased with it. I do hope to buy from you again. J.A.”

M42 Heer Camo (11-07)
“My helmet arrived yeserday, it looks great. Thanks M. P.”

M40 SD Luft (10-07)
“Helmet arrived...  Thank you very much, C.G.

”M40 Luft Camo  (10-07)
“ I got the helmet and wow what a nice peace why did you sell it? I love it thank you!! R.G.”

M18 SD Heer (10-07)
‘Helmet arrived today. Beautiful once again!  Thanks, B.I.”

M42 ND Heer (9-07)
“Helmet recently arrived. Beautiful! Thanks. B.I.”

M42 SD SS (8-07)
“The helmet has arrived – and so has the COA. I am VERY pleased with the deal and would like to thank you.” J.S.