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Prices do not include shipping. In the U.S. we use media mail which is normally $1.85 for booklets, $2.85 for small books and $3.85 for large books.

A Close Encounter: The Marine Landing On Tinian by Richard Harwood - $10

Fighting Joe Hooker - by Walter H. Hebert - $3.75

Stilwell and the American Experience in China - by Barbara W. Tuchman - $4.00

Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg Vol. 1 The Germans by Roland Gaul - $ SOLD

Japan Subdued by Herbert Feis - $4.00 SOLD

When They Burned The White House - by Andrew Tully - $1.00

History Of The World War - by Francis A. March - $14.00

Workhorse of the Western Front 30th Infantry Division by Robert L. Hewitt - SOLD

In Honored Glory - The Story of Arlington - by Peter Andrews - $2.00

Pursuit The Chase and Sinking of the Bismark by Ludovic Kennedy - $2.50

The Rising Sun Vol. 2 - by John Toland - $0.50

The Last Escape - by Ruth Kluger and Peggy Mann -

The Second Front by Douglas Botting -

Island Fighting by Rafael Steinberg - SOLD

Decision in Normandy - by Carlo D’Este - $8.50